E-book: Getting Started with Distributed Teams

Hiring and retaining software engineers is hard - and it's only getting more difficult.  Studies show that hiring managers' top pain point is finding qualified candidates, evaluating their background, and performing interviews.  

Combined with an increased time to hire and stiffer competition for talent, many companies are exploring a shift to distributed teams.  Some, like Automatic, InVision, Zapier and Buffer are 100% distributed.

This e-book is your roadmap to success, with practical advice on how to manage a successful distributed team.

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Kay Takeaways


Learn how to build an intentional and formalized onboarding process to ensure that their questions are answered and they feel supported.

Building Culture

Employees excel when they know what is expected of them. Learn how to build the right culture for success.


Establish communication expectations and procedures from the start, so that distributed teams are set up to collaborate productively.

Running Meetings

Follow a few basic guidelines for setting up and conducting dynamic video meetings that are as productive as possible.