E-book: Andela's Guide to Onboarding Developers

All too often, the onboarding process for new hires feels rushed and disorganized. When onboarding is done right, it leads to better employee retention, on-the-job performance, and a happier work force.

At Andela, we’ve onboarded distributed developers onto hundreds of partner teams over the past several years. And we couldn’t have found success at that kind of scale without understanding exactly what it takes to successfully integrate engineering teams to help build better products, faster. 

If you’re a growing company struggling to integrate new engineering hires – whether in-house, remote, or some combination of the two – this guide is for you.

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Kay Takeaways

Before they start and Day 1

Create a repeatable system to ensure a smooth, efficient first impression, before your new hire even begins day 1.

Milestones to reach within the first two weeks

Employees excel when they know what is expected of them. Learn how to build the right culture for success.

Milestones to reach within the first 30 days

Establish communication expectations from the start, so that distributed teams are set up to collaborate productively.

Goals for 60 day after hire and beyond

Follow a few basic guidelines for setting up and conducting dynamic video meetings that are as productive as possible.