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Andela helps companies build high-performing engineering teams with Africa’s most talented software developers.


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What our partners think about Andela

We’ve partnered with more than 150 companies to scale engineering teams and minimize time spent recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding candidates.

"Since we started working together, our Andela engineers in Africa have given us a key competitive advantage not only with the quality of their work, but with the enthusiasm and energy they bring to our team. Any company that limits its talent search to local geography would be doing itself a disservice. There is talent worldwide—if you know where to look for it."

// Meetesh_Karia

// CTO, The Zebra

"Like a lot of companies, we’re face-to-face with the realization that while there are lots of great engineers in the Bay Area, there are also an enormous number of companies trying to hire them. It’s pretty clear that if you want to keep recruiting top talent, you have to broaden your net."

// James_Shkolnik

// VPE, Gusto

How to partner with Andela

Andela Developers

1/ Evaluate

Our engineers evaluate your technical needs and design a custom solution for growing your team.

2/ Select

We select the best developers for your team based on technical expertise and culture fit.

3/ Integrate

We onboard your developers and they start contributing, supported by our senior engineering staff.

4/ Onboard

We onboard your developers and they start contributing, supported by our senior engineering staff.

Andela is a better way to hire and evaluate technical talent.

Code more, manage less.

Do you have a growth path and promotion schedule for your developers? Andela does. The more results your Andela developer drives for you, the faster we level them up.

Build a sustainable pipeline of talent.

Find developers with the right technical expertise and work style to accelerate your team’s output.

Access a global talent pool.

Andela developers work primarily remote from one of our three African tech campuses. They fly to your HQ for onboarding and off-sites so they’re truly part of the team.


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